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Listen to the Sound of Salvage...

Repurpose. Recycle. Reuse. Words that are music to our ears.

What a treat to learn our "Sweet Burley" cigar tin that we sold to an entrepenaur from Indiana was going to find new life as a cigar box banjo.

Evidently this wonderful example of upcycling began in the 1840's when Civil War soldiers fashioned guitars, banjos & fiddles from cigar boxes & tins. Those hand made instruments, coupled with washboards, broomsticks & harmonicas, gave rise to the jug bands in what is known as the "era of the blues".

Music & antiquing are two of our loves. How fun to play a small part in helping a talented craftsman ply his trade.

As an aside, who knows when Bono or another cigar box aficionado might need a jamming partner? If you are interested in building your own instrument, you can find lots of good DIY information online. Check out sites like CigarBoxGuitarsCigarBoxNation and CigarBoxGuitar

 (Thanks to CigarBoxGuitar for the cool photo)

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